Jagung Hibrida PACIFIC 339


Jagung PACIFIC 339 (PAC339) merupakan jagung hibrida yang unggul mempunyai hasil / rendemen tinggi, dengan karakteristik :

Average Yield : 10,846 kg/ha
Maximum Yield : 15,674 kg/ha
Dry Harvest : 115-120 days
Fresh Harvest : 105-110 days
Plant Height : 210 cm
Ear Height : 123 cm.
Flowering Date : 54 day
Husk Cover :very good
Ear Shape : girthy, cylinder
Kernel Type : Flint, deep kernel
Kernel Color : Orange-yellow
% Shelling : 86-87%
Root & Stalk System :good
Disease Resistance : resistant to rust
Insect Resistance : good

Characteristic :

very high yield
girthy ear
very high shelling percentage
good root and stalk
Stay on green
Drought tolerance
Wide adaptability


sources : http://www.pacthai.co.th/en/product1.htm


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